Covid -19 Distance Learning Support

Who would have thought that 2020 would be like this?

If you need some additional support, please feel free to get in touch with me or check out the resources below.  I will continue to add to these as needs rise in schools.

I have set up a free Teachable Site where I am adding all my videos that I have made based on themes needed by teachers.

For printable PDFs of support, click on the purple subheadings below.

For Schools

Coping with Trauma: Returning to the new ‘normal’

Level 2 support with student returning to school.

  • Signs of Trauma
  • Supporting students
  • Supporting students when triggered
  • Supporting teachers
  • What school leaders can do

OECD’s Nature of Learning with a Distance Lens

Level 4, 3 and 2 support for what to focus on

  • Emotion and motivation
  • 8 basics of motivation
  • Learners at the centre
  • The social nature of learning
  • Emotions are integral to learning
  • Recognising individual differences
  • Stretching all students
  • Assessment for learning
  • Building horizontal connections
  • Building blocks in distance learning

Communicating with whānau

Level 4 and 3 about approaching whānau

  • Framework of conversation
  • What to say – general check in
  • What to say – child is not doing the work
  • Communication tracking

For Whānau

Communicating with teachers

Level 4 and 3 about approaching teachers

  • Framework of communication
  • What to say – getting too much work
  • What to say – when your child refuses to work