Gifted ACT – for the 2020 Gifted Awareness Week Blogtour

When the theme of Gifted Awareness Week 2020 was set, there really was no inkling as to how important the theme of Gifted Wellbeing would be. 2020 vision (pun intended) has shown us that wellbeing is actually the most important thing for us all to consider.

Our time in Level 4 Lockdown has reminded us of how much we value time with our friends and family, how much teachers give to our children. The “essential workers” are not those who sit in businesses behind a desk, but those you see driving the courier vans and working at the supermarkets, not to mention our doctors and nurses.

In January 2020, I started learning about Acceptance and Commitment Therapy from a clinical psychologist.  I had a rough year in 2019 and to be 100% honest, I was dreading 2020 even before Covid 19 reared its pointy spikes. I deliberately chose this particular clinical psychologist as he specialises in autistic adults (and, okay, he was in a short driving distance). I thought that his experience with the neurodiverse would be of benefit to me. I didn’t want the statement that is so often given to the neurotypical – “Have you tried not thinking this way?” Gee – never thought of doing that (please read with condescending sarcasm)….

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