Parent & Whānau Support

For students who learn differently, school can be a challenging time.

And just like a Coke bottle being shaken and left to sit, our kids get shaken at school and then let it all go when they open the safe space of home

Are you feeling confused and ill-equipped when trying to explain to teachers what your child needs?

We want our kids to be happy and enjoy their time at school, to love learning and to know what they are good at.

But… with around 34% of children needing something different we struggle to work out what it is that we can do to make their school experience better.

Are you struggling with understanding your child and what makes them tick?

Parents and whānau that work with us report:

Less behaviour issues to deal with at home or at school

More confidence when talking with teachers and leadership

A feeling of safety having a plan of action that is based on research

More connection with their child as they learn to enhance their strengths

How we can help:

Individual online courses on different ‘labels’ to help you understand the label and what strengths-based strategies can be used to manage the challenges (we help you learn what the teachers know)

Conscious Inclusion Online Bundle subscription – your own label ‘Netflix’ to dip in and out of as you would like to

Summarising Ed or Clinical Psychologist reports to support you with strategies to suggest to your school

Support for IEP meetings, mediation or school discussions to ensure that the teachers are putting in place research based actions that will support your child

Recommendations on what systems and/or technology could be used to support your child’s anxiety

Advice Zoom chats about the next steps for your child

“Brooke has been invaluable in helping keep the lines of communication open”

“Brooke has been involved with my son’s education for the past five years, supporting not only his school but also our family. Brooke uses her considerable knowledge and skills to help us better understand his learning style and independent learning needs.

It goes without saying that at times our journey has been challenging. There have been moments of tension between parents and school but Brooke has always been on hand to offer clarity.

Brooke has been invaluable in helping keep the lines of communication open by reminding us of our common goal, which ultimately, is to support a boy who doesn’t quite fit the mould to flourish in the world around him.”

Want to discuss how Brooke could support you?

Want to start learning right now?

  1. Choose your online course or bundle at Teachable Potential to Performance
  2. Watch your modules and download your resources
  3. Use the strategies and watch them work with your child

Want more in-depth support?

  1. Book a 15 minute Zoom chat with Brooke
  2. Allow us to create a customised plan
  3. Put the bespoke plan in place and monitor the positive impact on behaviours, engagement, achievement and attendance


Do you do assessments?

Assessments can only be done by registered psychologists. If you are looking for an assessment, you are able to find recommended ones on NZAGC’s page.

I just need a chat to work out where to go next… can I talk to you?

Absolutely. You are able to book a chat directly into my calendar here.

Looking at the online courses, there is a label missing that I need. Can you help me?

Every month a new course comes out in the Conscious Inclusion Bundle so what you need may be published soon. Get in touch with Brooke and she can let you know what is coming up and when it will be released. It is also a chance to tell Brooke exactly what you need so that she can ensure she covers it in the videos.

I am trying to decide what school to send my child to… can you help?

I cannot give advice on individual schools but I can give you what to look for and the right questions to ask to help you decide. You can download these at the bottom of the page.