Teacher & School Support

Is a lack of time and energy meaning your teaching and leadership isn’t having the impact that you know it can have?

Are you facing multiple needs of multiple kids with just not enough planning time to design strategies to meet their needs?

As educators we want EVERY child to love learning in our class… but our limited resources are being pulled in multiple directions:

Approximately 34% of learners now present with additional learning needs that are impacting behaviour, achievement, engagement and attendance

Not to mention the frequent changes in labels, acronyms and what is best practice for learners.

Educators that work with us report:

Less behaviour issues to deal with, they are able to focus on the core role of teaching and learning

More confidence when talking with parents and leadership

Greater excitement that they have agency over their own PLD with what they learn and when they learn it

We support educators with:

Personalised learning/differentiation

Inclusive strengths-based strategies

Trauma informed practice

Local Curriculum Design

Are your teachers stuck in the one-size-fits all model and struggling to see how they can change and still get everything they need to do done?

At Potential to Performance, we support educators!

Whole School Support

Inclusive 360 Reviews

Change management support


ToDs/Staff Meetings

Blended or face-to-face learning

Middle Leaders Support/Team Support

Support to change teachers’ pedagogy’

Training in observations and instructional impact coaching

Training in collaborative inquiry coaching

Individual Teacher Support

IEP/ILP support to focus on strengths and manage challenges

Ed or Clinical Psych Report review to provide practical strategies

Mediation with parents and whānau

Parent information evenings

“I have learned so much and the tools I have added to my ever-expanding toolbox”

“I have learned so much and the tools I have added to my ever-expanding toolbox, I started using right away. I find myself taking them out more and more regularly, which pushes me to sharpen them. I feel I’m better equipped to support my team in their professional growth and am grateful for this.”


Want to start learning right now?

  1. Choose your online course or bundle at Teachable Potential to Performance
  2. Watch your modules and download your resources
  3. Experience increased teaching competency and success

Want a bespoke programme?

  1. Book a 15 minute Zoom chat with Brooke
  2. Allow us to create a customised PLD plan to meet your needs (including MOE Regional PLD funding if wished)
  3. Put the bespoke plan in place and monitor the positive impact on behaviour, engagement, achievement and attendance.*

* We recommend using external systems like ‘Me and My School Surveys’ to assist tracking and monitoring alongside a bespoke impact tracking plan

“Allowing my students to really learn”

“I was not hugely positive about the prospect of this PD but I have come away revitalized and convinced that what I do on a regular basis is boring and is not allowing my students to really learn. THANK YOU!”



Can we apply for MoE Regional PLD funding to work with you?

Yes! Inclusion qualifies under the Cultural Capability priority. We are able to support you complete your application and you are able to find the due dates here

Can we combine inclusion and coaching support?

You absolutely can and we recommend doing this as using coaching techniques will help the change management process.

Looking at the online courses, there is a label missing that I need. Can you help me?

Every month a new course comes out in the Conscious Inclusion Bundle so what you need may be published soon. Get in touch with Brooke and she can let you know what is coming up and when it will be released. It is also a chance to tell Brooke exactly what you need so that she can ensure she covers it in the videos.

How many people does the Conscious Inclusion School Subscription bundle allow access? What about the Kāhui Ako?

The School Subscription is for up to 300 leaders, teachers, learning assistants and admin. The Kāhui Ako Subscription allows up to 3000.

How does the pricing structure work with Conscious Inclusion Bundle subscription?

The price that you signed up for is your continuing price for the life of your subscription. Each year an additional 12 courses are added and new subscription prices are increased by $1000 on the 1st of March.