Your Potential to Performance

Professional Learning and Development (PLD) for leaders, teachers and whanau/parents.

Make a positive impact in less time by gaining a buffet of strategies that work.

Is a lack of time and energy meaning your teaching and leadership isn’t having the impact that you know it can have?

We want our kids to love learning and to have the social and emotional skills that set them up for success

But our limited resources are being pulled in multiple directions

There is an overload of strategies that need to be sifted through and adapted, and you don’t really know if any of them will work

Not to mention the frequent changes in labels, acronyms and what is best practice for learners

At Potential to Performance, we find the most effective and up-to-date strengths-based strategies – so that you don’t have to. You can make a more positive impact in less time.

Coaching & Leadership Support

Creating a culture of continuous improvements means supporting our middle and senior leadership.

Want to set up a bespoke coaching programme in your school? Or be coached to be the best leader you can be? This support will create better conversations right across your school.

Teacher & School Support

Whether you are after individual teacher support or whole school PLD, we can design a personalised programme to meet your needs.

Online, face-to-face or blended approaches are available all over Aotearoa New Zealand.

Parent & Whānau Support

Helping students meet their potential means that teachers and whānau need to be on the same page.

Online, face-to-face or a blended approach is available to support parents and whānau to know what the teachers know.

“Brooke is a multiplier of peoples’ potential”

“Brooke is a multiplier of peoples’ potential, she does this in a generous and selfless manner. We are privileged to be able to work with her.”
Leader feedback from Brooke’s The Leadership Circle 360 Review, 2020.

Educators that work with us report

A renewed love for teaching and their role in the education system

More confidence in themselves and their students by applying strengths-based approaches

Want to set up your own bespoke PLD programme?

Hi! I’m Brooke

I believe that PLD can be inspirational and can support the strengths of our leaders, teachers and students.

My experience across multiple educational areas and focus on a strengths-based approach helps to provide a buffet of strategies for people to choose what works best for them in their context, with their kids or their staff. I firmly believe that I am not here to tell you what to do, I am here to show what is possible to achieve in the easiest way.

Leader feedback from Brooke’s The Leadership Circle 360 Review, 2020

“[Brooke is] able to understand the perspectives of others and the drivers behind those, and providing pathways that allows people to follow the path they are setting while also providing challenge.”

Want a bespoke programme?

1. Book a 15-minute Zoom chat with Brooke

2. Allow us to create a customised PLD plan to meet your needs (including MOE Regional PLD funding if wished)

3. Put the bespoke plan in place and monitor the positive impact on behaviour, engagement, achievement and attendance.

* We recommend using external systems like ‘Me and My School Surveys’ to assist tracking and monitoring alongside a bespoke impact tracking plan

Want to start learning right now?

1. Choose your online course or bundle at Teachable Potential to Performance

2. Watch your modules and download your resources

3. Experience increased teaching competency and success