Coaching and Leadership Support

Are you lacking the time in your leadership to reflect on your decisions?

Are the threads in your brain a little bit tangled as you struggle to meet your day-to-day leadership demands?

Coaching helps leaders to separate those threads and work out what the issues are that really need to be addressed. Coaching conversation prevents the “band-aid” approach to issues in your school and allows you to make decisions that lead to long-lasting positive growth.

“I recently completed the Leadership Circle evaluation and coaching with Brooke, and it has been a transformative experience. The report gives detailed feedback and clear insights into the similarities and differences in how I and others view my effectiveness and impact.

Brooke’s insightful and empathetic coaching style created a growth-oriented atmosphere that helped me turn insights into action. I am confident that I can use my strengths and create new narratives to maintain and enhance my leadership performance and deliver results while supporting my wellbeing.”

Potential to Performance Leadership Coaching and Support will help you be the leader that you want to be. Your coaching programme can include Leadership Circle 360 Profiles or a Strengths Profile if you would like.

Do you want to be coached?

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Begin having coaching conversations that support your strengths and immediately improve your leadership.

Leaders that work with us report:

A change in their physiological symptoms of stress (lowers blood pressure, sleep better)

More effective parent and whānau communication

Able to give feedback and feedforward to staff in a way that changes practice

A more positive work environment as they are able to support their own internal dialogue as well as address issues before they snowball.

Want to discuss how Brooke could support you?

“Able to enrich our journey with empathy, understanding as well as a vast source of knowledge”

“Brooke has worked with our leadership team during the merging of two special schools. She was highly responsive to our needs and was able to enrich our journey with empathy, understanding as well as a vast source of knowledge and expertise. She has an extraordinary ability to know just what one needs and is able to support and empower staff in the most positive and collegial manner.”
– Belinda Rowe, Deputy Principal, Central Auckland Special School

Our Bespoke Coaching Programmes cover the three types of coaching used in an educational setting:




To use between colleagues when looking for the real issue that needs to be addressed regarding engagement, behaviour or attendance. Used by middle or senior leaders with experienced teachers new teaching methods in a way that gets the teachers to trial the new methods in their classrooms Used by teachers working with Beginning or PRT teachers and leaders working with those under competency.


Can we use MoE Central PLD Funding for coaching?

Individual coaching is not able to access MoE Central PLD Funding.

What is the Leadership Circle Profile?

This is a 360-degree review of measuring your intent versus your impact.

You choose who you would like to complete the profile and you do one on yourself. It results in the Circle that breaks down all the reactive and creative styles of leadership. Both styles have their advantages and their costs and in our coaching sessions we outline an action plan to move you forward to where you want to go based on the 360. There is a standard edition for Senior Leaders and a Management edition for Middle Leaders.

Learn more.

What is the Strengths Profile?

This is a self-reflection on where your strengths sit at the moment. It is a dynamic profile that you can repeat every 6 months as these can change very quickly.

This profile identifies which of the 60 strengths are giving you energy and which are taking energy away. In our coaching sessions around this we identify where we want to dial up and where to dial down to be our best self.

Are the coaching sessions face to face or on Zoom?

To keep costs down, they are done on Zoom. If you are in Auckland or the Waikato, you can request face to face coaching sessions and the additional travel cost would be quoted for you.

Bespoke Coaching Programmes

Our teachers talk and support each other but often do not have the skills and techniques to frame this conversations in a way that improves classroom teaching. This is particularly true for those in our Middle Management sectors.

Yes, they are a Team Leader or a Head of Faculty but what does leading mean in this context? How can they help these teachers turn their potential into performance?

Do you want your teachers to have strengths-based conversations with each other that lead to a positive change in their teaching practice?

Better conversations result in better practice and at the heart of better conversations is coaching skills.

Our Bespoke Coaching Programmes are co-constructed with a team from your school to ensure that you are getting the exact programme to meet your needs.

“This professional development course was very powerful to deepen reflections in my practice, as well as support students and colleagues. The internal dialogues I have become more insightful, and I was able to seek a coaching session ahead of a particular issue snowballing into something bigger than it should be. Being able to talk about oneself feels like a luxury, but regular time for coaching sessions should be timetabled to allow for professional growth and well-being.”

Do you want to embed a sustainable coaching framework in your kura or school?

  1. Book a 15 minute Zoom chat with Brooke
  2. Allow us to create a bespoke coaching framework that aligns with your school’s model of inquiry
  3. Train a selection of coaches in your first year through a blended learning approach
  4. In your second year, have Brooke train your coach trainers to embed this sustainable programme.
  5. Your trainers continue training the next group with ongoing support from Brooke including updated online modules.

“Brooke was an extremely skilled coach who was able to help and guide staff through their own coaching moments. Also her ability to deliver authentic coaching situations was incredible. She read the group well and was able to flip the lessons at a moment.”

Coaches that train with us report they have:

  • Reflected and changed how they communicate with team members as well as their own family
  • Built agency in other teachers, no matter their experience
  • Changed their internal dialogue from a deficit belief to one that highlight’s their agency

A great professional learning opportunity that has had a very positive impact

“This was a great professional learning opportunity that has had a very positive impact on my practice and beyond. I have learned to really listen to others and myself, and it has given me practical tools to apply, following a solutions-focused/growth approach. I am very grateful and look forward to continue to build my coaching skills as I support my colleagues in their development and reflect on my own.”

FAQs on the Bespoke Coaching Programme

Can we use MoE Central PLD Funding for coaching?

By linking your Bespoke Coaching Programme to your other school’s goals you are able to use some PLD hours towards this. When you talk to Brooke, she will ask you about the pedagogical goals you are aiming to address and how you see coaching supporting these.

Individual coaching is not able to access MoE Central PLD Funding.

Are there different levels of coaching programmes?

Absolutely. Discuss with Brooke what your needs are and you will receive a quote that outlines a couple of options that could achieve your goals.

What goes in the online component of the Coaching Programme?

That is up to you and your initial trained coaches. Brooke will work with them to design the coaching programme with content and order designed to meet your goals. When you look at the different programmes that schools are using, you will see that there are different orders and topics covered each term.

Brooke works with your team to decide what needs to be included and what order it should go in.

Is there an ongoing cost to access the online component once the Coaching Programme is in the school?

Yes, the annual ongoing cost is 10% of the initial coaching programme price. This allows you to make any changes you want to the online modules and also for your trainers to access termly Zoom support from Brooke.