By Brooke Trenwith

In 2022, I was accredited in Extended DISC profiling after using “free” profiles for a number of years. Like most things, you get what you pay for. 🙂

This blog has been adapted from information providing by Profile Coaching Ltd.

Find the best

If you want to select the best people for your organisation then you need to know what you are looking for:

  • What is the gap you have?
  • What skills and strengths do you need to complete your team?
  • What kind of person would help your team to grow forward?

The Extended Disc® profile system helps you in your recruitment efforts to find the right person for the job – e.g., the right person to put into the middle leadership team to balance or to bring diversity.

Grow the Best

Developing your people by investing in their personal & professional development helps them to remain motivated, loyal and productive. Personal development builds on existing competencies and strengths buy helping individuals to understand their own behaviour.

When each person within an organisation grows then the organisation grows as a by- product. When the organisation invests in the personal development of its team members it wins in a multitude of ways, the most profound being engagement within the team and engagement with customers.

Keep the Best

When you have great team members you want them to stay as long possible. Their knowledge, influence and impact on your team and the organisation has high value. Their worth to you is significant. Loyalty to an organisation or a team cannot be taken for granted.


Team Development

Every individual is profiled with Extended DISC® and a group debrief is facilitated where individuals learn about who their team is made up of, the strengths of the team, the gaps in the team and the best way to communicate and engage with team members.

  • How to communicate with your team
  • How to motivate your team
  • How to negotiate with your team
  • How to listen to your team
  • How to give feedback to your team
  • How to lead your team

Reports are custom created to the organisations specific needs and sample reports are available for viewing.

Individual Development

Extended DISC® ® is a tremendous growth opportunity for individuals to build confidence and self-awareness.  Emotional Intelligence is now rated more important than IQ and the EDISC report enables individuals to make choices about their behaviours that are more helpful and intentional.


A 10-minute online questionnaire that is turned into a power packed report. Extended Disc®

  • identifies the strengths and development potential of an individual
  • identifies the role that individuals have within their team (family or organisation)
  • identifies the way participants are perceived by others
  • provides up to 1600 measurable competencies e.g. communication, team dynamics, time management, stress, leadership, customer service, sales, empathy, decision making and many more
Extended Disc® measures the unconscious behaviour and compares it with the conscious adjusted behavioural style, allowing for the measurement of emotions. Two profiles are created, one illustrating how the person feels they need to adjust their behaviour to cope with the requirements of the current situation and the other demonstrating the individuals conscious understanding of themselves and their own behaviour in the present situation. This is vital information both for the individual and the organisation.
Extended Disc® helps the individual to identify what it is in the current situation that is causing them uncertainty, insecurity, stress, helplessness or frustration. We can help identify whether a person feels the need to adjust, the amount they feel the need to adjust and whether the adjustment is likely to lead to stress in the long haul.
Extended Disc® provides a list of strengths, motivators, demotivators and pressure behaviours to assist individuals to understand themselves.  This information helps individuals to take stock of their environment and to check in with whether they are thriving where they are or need some adjustments in their life.